In April 2018, we embarked on an exciting journey of transformation – partnering with community and key stakeholders to shape the future of the Kal City Centre.  While the promise of a new beginning has long been in the wings, significant public and private investment is now on the table, presenting a golden opportunity to return our city’s main streets to a thriving heart of economic, cultural and physical activity.

Over 1000 locals, business owners, visitors and investors told us what was needed to bring life back to the city centre’s main streets and public spaces.  We’ve worked hard to translating your ideas and feedback into a vision for the future, considering current performance and future potential by examining:

  • How it will be used, by who and when
  • What key destinations, facilities and amenities are most desired by the people of Kalgoorlie
  • How it is positioned to attract visitors and investment
  • How it could be programmed and managed to ensure the ultimate place experience delivers on the proposition
  • How the City Centre could be improved in the short term, whilst planning for long term transformation

Throughout August, we asked for your feedback on the draft Kal City Centre Place Plan and received hundreds of comments and suggestions for improvement via our survey and interactive Place Plan.

Over September we will refine the Plan further to provide more detail around how each precinct’s concepts and overarching transformation strategies should be implemented to bring life back to our city’s heart. Watch this space!