This is more than a beautification project. We’ve been working hard to understand how to improve the overall experience of public spaces by providing better activities, attractions, safety, comfort and connectivity with the aim of driving a renewed period of investment and interest in our city centre.

This is proposed to go hand in hand with new partnerships which foster creativity and collaboration, and a greater emphasis on events and experiences which re-energise the public domain.

Authentic engagement with over 1,000 locals and visitors who shop, work, play and do business in our city centre has unearthed what is most needed to breathe new life into our city’s main streets, businesses and public spaces.

The Team

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is the project’s driving force, taking it to the streets to collect ideas and listen to community feedback. Right across its workforce, the City is fully committed to the success of the project and will play a pivotal role in securing investment to translate the plan into action.


element (formerly TPG+Place Match) brings decades of experience in transforming city centres across WA. They will stand alongside the City throughout the community engagement process and analyse and distill insights to lead the creation of a new vision and plan for the city centre, sparking fresh beginnings.

Aspect Studios Pty Ltd

Aspect Studios Pty Ltd are an internationally awarded design firm with a reputation for delivering excellence in landscape architecture and sustainable urban design. Their carefully selected team of creative and technical professionals will bring our community’s ideas to life in designs for construction.


We Are Here

Stages One to Four

March 2018 to March 2019
We listened to your ideas for the City Centre’s future, we transformed them into a new plan, and we developed a suite of strategic directions to bring our City Centre back to life.

Stage Five – Detailed Design

August 2019 to December 2020
We’ll appoint key project staff, as well as a firm, to progress our plans into working drawings, specifications, detailed cost estimates and procurement plans for construction.

Stage Six – Activations and Project Opportunities

We’ll continue to involve the community in activations of City Centre areas as well as seeking out local procurement prospects, including Aboriginal participation opportunities.

Stage Seven – Project Management and Construction

January 2021 to February 2022
We’ll determine the final development areas, timeframes and project management framework, and appoint a construction firm to carry out the build.

Then the physical work begins. Along the way of course we’ll be working closely with businesses, property owners and tenants to minimise interruptions and maximise outcomes.


What about Aboriginal Economic Development opportunities?

We recognise the need for genuine collaborative processes, entrepreneurial opportunities and a clear cultural positioning for the City Centre. We want to hear from Aboriginal businesses who are interested in working with us to make it happen.


What stage is the project at?

We are now in the detailed design phase, meaning we’ll take about nine months to refine our initial plans into working drawings, specifications and procurement plans for construction. We’ll then need to tender the works for construction.

What are the project stages?

  • Stage One – Community Engagement and Schematic Design (Complete)
  • Stage Two – Detailed Design and Costing
  • Stage Three – Construction and Contract Administration

Which areas will be designed; what will they look like?

The first designs will focus on St Barbara’s Square and St Barbara’s Laneway, with improvements to Hannan Street and the potential progression of Cassidy Common.

The design will be based on the community-led place plan developed in August 2018 and reflect the key themes of a hand built city, (re)discovery, and catalyst. 

How were the design areas selected?

The design areas were selected through the place plan, which defined the overall City Centre philosophy and precincts.

The four precincts were then chosen based on the collective community view that they were priority areas for development, and those most likely to be progressed with current available funding.

Additional precincts may be integrated in time, subject to future investment decisions.

What changes will be happening to the streets; what areas will be accessible for everyone?

All precincts will feature “people first” zones but the extent of which is yet to be determined. No decision has been reached on any street closures which will be subject to cost assessments and detailed considerations.

Who is designing it?

Aspect Studios Pty Ltd were appointed as the detailed design firm on 25 November 2019. Aspect are an internationally awarded firm specializing in public realm projects. Their past projects include Perth’s Yagan Square and Sydney’s Barangaroo South.

How will businesses be impacted or disrupted?

There will be limited interruption to businesses during the design stage of the project.

The City will work closely with local businesses, property owners and tenants to minimise interruptions during the construction stage, to communicate what works will be taking place, how long they will take and what areas will be affected.

When will the construction take place?

Construction is likely to commence early-2021.

How can I contribute to the transformation?

Community members can get involved in the City Centre transformation by helping us to increase early economic opportunities through participation in or hosting, place and activation activities over the coming months.

Interested local people or community organisations should contact hello@kalcitycentre.com.au