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Video: What would you like to see here in the future?


John Paul College students hit the streets to ask residents what they’d like to see in Kal in the future. Check it out here

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Why do you love living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder?


Students from John Paul College hit the streets to ask why they love living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Check out their comments.

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Jes McKenzie 


Kalgoorlie is a community full of opportunity to advance in a variety of careers. Amongst a busy working schedule, I still have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor and vivacious lifestyle in a City filled with activities and events. It is a place rich with culture, history, and opportunity. 

A great memory that I have in our CBD was running and hosting the 2017 Bel Cappello collection launch event. It was a 25 piece runway show that spread across the entirety of the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, with 300 guests from Kalgoorlie and other major cities. I love this memory because it reminds me of what can be achieved when communities pull together as one.

I’d like to see more events in the CBD that bring people together and excite the most vivid of imaginations. I believe we have such a diverse cultural community that an array of festivals and celebrations should be held to celebrate all community members!

Callum Abraham 


What I love about Kalgoorlie is how you know almost everyone and could bump into friends anywhere in town.

A great experience I’ve had is just walking down Hannan street at night and seeing all the people out and about in the various bars and nightclubs also being able to safely walk the streets at night.

A cool addition to the city in the future could maybe be a main mall or place where there are a heap of shops or where people could go to watch movies or hang out, maybe even something small like few more shops in town or an ice skating rink. 

Paula Fletcher 


Kalgoorlie people know how to make their own fun! They are so generous and supportive of new businesses and projects that add value to our community- it really is a land of opportunity.
Heartwalk has been a great experience. After 35 years growing up in the Goldfields, it was a life changing experience to see people of all different backgrounds chatting and laughing with strangers in the streets as works of art came to life in front of our eyes. 

I would love to see more acceptance and mutual respect between Indigenous and non-indigenous people in our city. It’s time to have some uncomfortable conversations and take action toward the galvanising and celebrating our first-nations people. 

Gloria Moyle 


I love living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder because of the amazing sense of ‘community spirit’ that exists here, that you can easily be a part of.

Spending my teen years growing up here, one of our great traditions was when you got your P plates you would do laps up Hannan St on a Friday night.  At that time it was to show off your new car and take fun pictures on your camera of your friends in front of buildings or significant land marks. Looking back now you were capturing a lot of history not only for yourself but a time line of the buildings and how much they changed over time.

I would like to see the City Centre become more vibrant on a permanent basis as I absolutely love the Heartwalk project and the revitalisation of Lord Forrest Pool site that has injected a more positive energy into the centre.  I would also like to see a children’s play space with accessible toilets, change facilities that are breastfeeding friendly.  A City square that displays public art and street furniture where community can make their own and be proud of.