What’s Happening in Your City Centre

Who's in your city centre

Moher and Smith Butchers

The beef industry played a significant role our history due to the meat rich diet of the pioneers. At local butchers you would find ‘palaces of meat’ with marble counter tops, sawdust covered floors and cold-cut sculptures made from every part of a beast. Today you’ll find an equally impressive pair of businesses in this location – Eco maniac and Bush Blossom Gallery.

The Lasslet Building

Henry Edward Lasslet was one of the first real estate moguls in the area, making a considerable fortune selling land across the Goldfields. The arabesque-style window arches of this building were inspired by the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Mr Lasset also named Piccadilly Street after the Piccadilly Circus in England. Some great local business now operate here including Noble the Society and The Hutch Hair Specialists.

Markets Arcade

Built in 1901 and managed by the Municipality of Kalgoorlie, the markets regulated trade during the ‘lean’ years so no one individual or business could achieve a monopoly on fresh food supplies. In the 1940s the markets housed a mortuary and a mechanic who occasionally cooperated to retrieve the bodies of ‘heavier’ tycoons who had passed away. Now it is home to Engagement HQ and various local businesses.

Decorative Tiling

On the streets of the City Centre you can spot numerous decorative tiles introduced to shopfronts during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900’s. The best examples from this profound global movement can be found at the Exchange Hotel and the International Gourmet & Seafood Shop.