The Schematic Designs centre on three (3) development areas:

  • St Barbara’s Square: The civic heart for activity, dining and events, including water play, misting, lighting, performance space, and a major shade canopy;
  • St Barbara’s Laneway: A junior play space and alfresco area including soft landscape areas, play sculptures, and new toilets to replace the existing St Barbara’s toilets; and
  • The Laneway: A new urban plaza and entertainment precinct including a renewed retail interface, small events space, nature play, and building projection.

If you have thoughts, ideas or insights regarding areas of the city that fall outside of this area, please feel free to share them with us for consideration by emailing

Project Overview

*Overview of Project Area*

St Barbara's Square Overview

*Overview of St Barbara’s Square and St Barbara’s Laneway*

The Laneway Overview

*Overview of The Laneway*

City Centre Snapshot

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Callum Abraham 


What I love about Kalgoorlie is how you know almost everyone and could bump into friends anywhere in town. A…

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Paula Fletcher 


Kalgoorlie people know how to make their own fun! They are so generous and supportive of new businesses and projects…

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Gloria Moyle 


I love living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder because of the amazing sense of ‘community spirit’ that exists here, that you can easily…

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